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The Cloud Herb Cordyceps and the Cordyceps Fungal Culture Collection Center attempt to showcase the status of Chinese Cordyceps biological resources, focusing on Cordyceps species, distribution and habitat. At the same time, a detailed introduction to the development of the use of Cordyceps sinensis, Cordyceps militaris, lanping Cordyceps, scorpion scorpion, and thin rod bundles.
Promote everyone's awareness of occupying the commanding heights of the Yunnan Cordyceps Kingdom, occupying the high point of research and development of Cordyceps biological resources, occupying the high point of industrialization of Cordyceps biological resources, and occupying the commanding heights of commercialization of Cordyceps biological resources, which is to occupy the new highland of Cordyceps bio-health industry and cultivate the Cordyceps creatures with Yunnan characteristics. The big health industry has a vast space.