Senior Researcher, Recruitment Analysis Center

Job Type: Senior Researcher
Release time: 2019-05-15
Effective date: 2019-06-15
Basic requirements: age is not limited to gender
Work location: Kunming

Job description: 
Participate in new product development projects, be responsible for analysis and inspection, quality research, stability research, part of the application of writing materials, report problems to the team leader in time; participate in the analysis and inspection of large-scale instrument maintenance, HPLC and GC detection of raw data Backup, participate in the drafting of relevant SOP and SMP documents; conduct professional review of other analysts' analysis work (test data, maps, original records), timely discover problems and abnormal situations in the analysis work, and report to superiors; Sex work. Qualifications: Bachelor degree or above in pharmaceutical analysis, analytical chemistry, pharmacy, chemistry and related fields; 3 years of experience in drug analysis, or as a researcher at R&D and analysis center for more than 2 years; high theoretical knowledge and operation of drug analysis Skills, skilled operation of commonly used drug testing equipment; familiar with Ch.P, USP, EP, familiar with drug development process, policies and regulations and related technical requirements; familiar with the preparation of quality research, quality standards drafting and stability research in drug registration declaration, understand Domestic and international drug analysis new technology development direction, understanding production management, quality management and other aspects of knowledge; has strong data retrieval, analysis, and finishing capabilities; can access English literature; skilled use of common office software; serious and responsible, proactive, good Teamwork.