Recruitment office director

Job Type: Office Director
Release time: 2019-04-26
Effective date: 2019-08-31
Basic requirements: age is not limited to gender
Working location: Kunming

Job Responsibilities:
1. Under the leadership of the general manager, responsible for the overall work of the company's office.
2. Responsible for organizing the annual budget and special funds for the company and the centers.
3. Responsible for the preparation, organization, arrangement of meetings held by the company and the work of all staff meetings, and inspection and supervision of the implementation of the decision-making of the meeting.
4. Responsible for drafting the company's documents, and do a good job in the compilation, collection and organization of the administrative documents such as meeting minutes, meeting notices, and meeting documents.
5. Collect the work information of each department in a timely manner, and be responsible for assisting in the comprehensive and coordinated work of various departments and handling daily affairs.
6. Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.