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Yunnan Herbal Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has gathered a group of experts and technicians who have been engaged in the research and development of Chinese herbal medicines and their biological resources for a long time, attracting experts in traditional Chinese medicine, Tibetan medicine, folk Chinese herbal medicine, pharmacology and toxicology, and biotechnology. In particular, experts with real talents and industrialization experience serve as chief scientists and technical experts.

The research and development team of the doctoral tutor of Professor of the College of Life Sciences of Yunnan University as the chief scientist, cooperated with the Institute of Chinese Herbal Medicine and Bioresources of Yunnan University to build a cloud paraffin laboratory, and implemented an innovative system combining production, education and research. The mode of operation, the implementation of the chief scientist project responsibility system, the responsibility to implement the rights to people. Hiring College of Life Sciences of Yunnan University, College of Life Sciences of Fudan University, College of Life Science and Technology, Kunming University of Science and Technology, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Kunming University of Science and Technology, College of Landscape and Horticulture, Yunnan Agricultural University, College of Chemistry and Biotechnology, Yunnan University for Nationalities, Yunnan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Some well-known experts and professors such as the School of Pharmacy, the Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the University of North Carolina, the Arizona Cancer Center, and the Yale University School of Pharmacology are supported by science and technology.

At present, Yunbaicao R&D team has 15 professors and researchers, 8 associate professors, 2 senior engineers, 3 engineers, 1 professional pharmacist, 3 assistant researchers, 2 researchers with doctoral degree, and 6 doctoral students. There are 3 master's degree researchers and 9 master's students. In 2011, the Ministry of Personnel approved the establishment of the Yunbaicao Postdoctoral Workstation in Kunming National High-tech Zone, one post-doctoral post. Yunbaicao Laboratories cooperated with Academician Zheng Yongqi of Yale University, and with the support of the Kunming Municipal Government, the Academician of Yunbai Cordyceps Biological Resources was being built.

Through the construction of Yunbaicao Laboratory, Yunbaicao Postdoctoral Workstation and Yunbaicao Cordyceps Biological Resources Academician workstation, attract talents at home and abroad, specializing in the research and development of Cordyceps biological resources and Cordyceps series products. It has built an innovative team of Cordyceps biological resources and development and utilization with important international influences. It has become an important base for condensing and cultivating talents for the development of Cordyceps biological resources, and conducting academic exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad. It specializes in the development of Cordyceps biological resources and Cordyceps products. Trying to transform the advantages of Chinese Cordyceps biological resources into the advantages of Cordyceps research and development; more importantly, transforming the advantages of Cordyceps research and development into the advantages of Cordyceps industrialization; and finally transforming into the advantage of marketization. In order to solve the contradiction between the demand for wild Cordyceps and the increasingly scarce resources, it provides a feasible way to truly protect the wild Cordyceps and its ecological environment.

Cordyceps Kingdom in Yunnan

In China, especially in Yunnan, the investigation of Cordyceps biological resources is only to unveil the tip of the iceberg. In China, the classification of Cordyceps, system and evolution research has just begun, the classification of Cordyceps is chaotic, and the original source is needed. More importantly, a variety of Cordyceps is widely used in ethnic minority folks in Yunnan, but the efficacy and pharmacological mechanism are unclear. It is urgent to study in depth, and its application prospects are very broad!

Herbal Lanping Shuicheng Cordyceps Experimental Station

Herbal Lanping Jinding Cordyceps Test Station

Herbal Huize rack car Cordyceps test station


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