(Congenital basis-kidney), rising at night, low back pain, turbid urine smell, dysuria, edema

Cordyceps sinensis is a traditional and valuable traditional Chinese medicine, which has multiple pharmacological effects and is widely used in the treatment of diseases such as respiratory, circulation, urinary, digestive, immune, endocrine and other systems. Many studies have confirmed that Cordyceps sinensis has multiple kidney protective effects. With the continuous deepening of molecular biology research, the basic research of Cordyceps sinensis on the mechanism of kidney protection has been deepened from the cellular level to the molecular level. Cordyceps sinensis can play its role in delaying renal fibrosis, reducing acute renal injury, and inhibiting tubular epithelialization through various mechanisms Apoptosis and other effects. ...

([Literature] Liu Naiqin, Shao Hui, Zhao Xiangfang. Research progress of molecular biological mechanism of Cordyceps sinensis kidney protection. Medical Review 2014 No. 01 / Key words: Cordyceps sinensis; kidney; animal experiment; molecular biology / PLA 464 Hospital Endocrinology)

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