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♣ Traditional Chinese medicine is extensive and profound, with a long history. The culture of Chinese medicine is both a study of economics and a study of humanities. The traditional Chinese medicine culture is a unique epistemology and methodology based on the summary of 5,000 years of historical experience of the Chinese nation, agglomerated into a deep understanding of nature and human society, and a harmonious coexistence of nature and human society. Traditional Chinese medicine culture is a historical contribution to the civilization of Yan and Huang, and also to the civilization of the contemporary world. The core idea of ​​TCM culture emphasizes the harmonious relationship between man and nature and between man and society, and uses this basic starting point to organize and build the country.
♣ Chinese medicine is the most practical and world-friendly spirit in Chinese culture. For five thousand years, it has made great contributions to the reproduction and health of the Chinese nation. The ancients said: "If it is not good, it is good medicine." Chinese medicine has universal recognition and respect in China. Its achievements and ideas are also World attention. However, after Western medicine entered China, traditional Chinese medicine has been shrinking and declining, and even extreme views have directly pointed to traditional Chinese medicine as witchcraft.
♣ In recent years, with the completion of industrialization in Western countries, people have begun to pay attention to the shortcomings of modern society, green environmentalism has become active around the world, and natural concepts in traditional Chinese culture and Chinese medicine have been re-emphasized. Of course, the main thing is utilitarian and curious intentions, not prudent and serious respect.
These changes provide an opportunity for the revival and expansion of Chinese medicine. Among all walks of life in China, Chinese medicine is the most advantageous, the most powerful and the most promising. 97.4% of Chinese western medicine is imitation, while Chinese medicine is ahead of other countries in the world and has independent intellectual property rights.
♣ Traditional Chinese medicine will surely go global and become another medical care system that is on an equal footing with western medicine and complements each other instead of replacing each other. In the future, there will be two parallel healthcare systems in the world: Western medicine system and Chinese medicine system.
♣ Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes health, that is, to provide health protection at all stages of life's gestation, development, growth, strength, aging and death, and to provide management throughout life. Therefore, as a well-defined life health medical protection and service industry, traditional Chinese medicine has the basic potential of upgrading into a national economic strategic industry within two major domestic and international markets.
♣ Yunbaicao is based on traditional Chinese medicine for health, traditional Chinese medicine prevention, supplemented by traditional Chinese medicine treatment. It actively advocates traditional Chinese medicine diet, traditional Chinese medicine life, and traditional Chinese medicine survival methods. Actively advocates that treatment is not as good as diagnosis and treatment. Self-reliance lifestyle. Yunbaicao actively advocates Chinese medicine care, Chinese medicine for the elderly, coordination of bones and bones, and physical and mental elderly care suitable for China's national conditions.
♣ Yunbaicao actively promotes the old-age social security system adapted to Chinese characteristics with traditional Chinese medical care and traditional Chinese medical care, and solves the problem of medical health protection for the elderly in the coming ageing society of China at the lowest cost and lowest cost.
♣ In accordance with the unique epistemology and methodology of traditional Chinese medicine, Yunbaicao actively advocates obedience to nature, taking in-situ materials, and solving the health crisis through traditional Chinese medicine diet therapy, supplemented by traditional Chinese medicine. .
♣ Yunnan Yunbaicao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. promotes the huge TCM consumption industry with strong internal demand by advocating national medical consumption in the big shift of returning to nature, returning to tradition, and returning to a harmonious society, and promoting Chinese nationals through the upgrade of demand Innovative development of lifestyle and consumption.