Introduction of Cordyceps powder


Yunbaicao Cordyceps powder was isolated and purified from wild Cordyceps sinensis by Yunnan Yunbaicao Lab. Paecilomyces bat moth 00106 * 05chen small hole 5 61 031, bat moth was cuddled by hair I "(Pan II Yan Jiachen | 61: 81160 of 3 Xinkou 5 and China ’s Coat of Arms Day "511 fear to add 511160515 mouth II, (3110, y11 & 2 strains, using advanced fermentation technology, by adding Chinese herbal medicine solid medium culture to obtain Cordyceps Mycelium, which has been certified by the state (3 "low-temperature ultra-fine crushing of the 卩 plant, not only retains the nutrient content of Cordyceps intact, but also facilitates absorption by the human body. In addition, strict sterilization processes are used to avoid harmful microorganisms on the human body. The harmful effects of yunbaicao cordyceps powder are rich in biological active substances such as cordyceps, cordycepin, cordyceps polysaccharides, cordyceps three anvils, cordycepsol and cordyceps amino acids. Relieve lung disease, kidney disease and liver disease. Yunbaicao Cordyceps powder has the function of natural Cordyceps, but the price is much lower, which meets the special needs of consumers.

Yunbaicao Lab has established Cordycepin, Cordycepin, Cordyceps axe, Cordyceps axe, Cordyceps myxa, Cordyceps axe, Cordyceps aurea, Cordyceps aura moaning, Cordyceps saponin, Cordyceps flavonoids, Cordyceps three anvil, Cordyceps An analysis and test platform for major Cordyceps metabolites, such as ergopol, cordyceps polysaccharides, cordyceps amino acids, etc., has established a technical system for the detection of related functional components and a technical system for health and safety indicators of Yunbaicao Cordyceps powder, and strictly controls the product quality and quality of Cordyceps powder. Hygiene and safety, the quality of Cordyceps powder is fundamentally guaranteed. At present, with the Department of Pharmacology of Yale University School of Medicine in the United States, experimental studies on the biological activity and pharmacology of cordyceps compound monomers have been carried out.

Comparison Table of Effective Components of Cordyceps Cordyceps Powder and Cordyceps Sinensis

Detection Indicator1710/9

Test sample Cordyceps sinensis (15 different geographical provenances) Yunbaicao Cordyceps powder (18 different production batches)
Cordycemic acid

00^0603 013001101

95.389 ±28.675

72.350 ±8.776

Cordyceps Polysaccharide


36.821 ±18.232

36.999 ±13.761



0.006 * 0.037


Cordyceps adenoid


1.111 ±0.268

1.249 ±1.131

Cordyceps glandular hearing

0(X(^0603 30160106

0.102 ±0.062

0.179 ±0.068

Cordyceps feces

0(X(1^0603 1^301

0.159 ±0.048

0.283 ±0.083


0(X1^603 11X1109

2.356 ±0.566

2.091 ± 1.058


0(X1^603 9113003106

2.029 ±0.425

1.281 ±0.840

Cordyceps ergot

000^^03 &002^01

0.259 ±0.128

263.2044 ±12.729

Total soap


3.568 ±1.793

4.087 ±2.930

Total flavones  

2.398 ±0.909

4.254 ±2.741

Total 3 words


34.906 ±14.658

36.892 ±14.937


89.875 ± 29.007

110.361 ±20.987

Egg white


256.768 ±45.867

340.939 ±50.796

Cordyceps polysaccharide is a non-specific immune enhancer, which can enhance the phagocytic ability of monocyte macrophages. Studies have also shown that Cordyceps polysaccharides have the effect of inhibiting the growth of tumor cells.


The main components and functions of Cordyceps sinensis                                                                                                               Effects of Cordyceps sinensis

※ Cordyceps axe

Adenoids have physiological effects on the cardiovascular system, dilate coronary vessels and increase blood flow
Effect, anti-arrhythmia, etc .; adenoids are sleep-wake regulators, which can regulate
The effect of sleep; adenoids can suppress tumors, and also have immune regulation, sedation and promotion
Hematopoietic function and obvious anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and other physiological activities.

※ Cordycepsic acid (Cordyceps mannitol)

Modern pharmacological clinical research proves that cordycepin has diuretic, dehydration, antitussive, expectorant,
Asthma and scavenging action of strong toxic hydroxyl radicals in the human body. This is related to Cordyceps sinensis
The effects of kidney, cough and phlegm, and physical fitness are the same.

※ Cordyceps sinensis contains more than 20 kinds of amino acids required for metabolism

Cordyceps sinensis contains 25% crude protein, and the amino acids obtained by hydrolysis include aspartic acid and glutamine
Acid, serine, histidine, glycine, threonine, arginine, tyrosine, alanine
Acid, tryptophan, methionine, amino acid, phenylalanine, isoleucine, leucine, bird
Lysine, lysine. For the development of the central nervous system and maintenance of physiological activity of nerve cells
Closely related. It has effects on the cardiovascular system, myocardial contractility, regulation of calcium metabolism,
Anti-arrhythmia and lower blood pressure.

※ Cordyceps sinensis contains more than 20 kinds of inorganic elements

Among them, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron, etc. are the metabolism of various types of cells in the body
Essential elements, especially selenium, which contains more trace elements. Selenium can strengthen lymphatics
Cell transformation ability and delayed type hypersensitivity reaction; Enhance phagocytic cell sterilization ability;
Increased or maintained normal levels of immune globulin in the blood;
Ability of other antigens to produce antibodies; improve serum properdin, complement and lysozyme
Of activity. Enhancement of selenium on the immune system and non-specific immune stimulation and maintenance
Immunoreactive cells are involved in normal physiological metabolism.

Cells and tissues to fight bacterial and viral infections. The human body can do it every day
Mutant tumor cells. A normal immune system can escape tumors
Doom, people with problems with the immune system may develop into tumors. Winter bug
Xia Cao's effect on the immune system is like adjusting the volume to make it optimal. it
It can increase the number of immune system cells and tissues, promote antibody production, increase phagocytosis,
Killing the number of cells and enhancing their function can also reduce the function of some immune cells.

※ Direct antitumor effect

Cordyceps sinensis extract has clear inhibition and killing effect on tumor cells. Cordyceps sinensis
Herbal extract as an adjuvant for cancer chemotherapy, can prevent swelling by inducing apoptosis
Tumor metastasis. Cordyceps sinensis contains Cordyceps axillus and Cordyceps polysaccharide, which can exert anti-tumor effect
The main ingredients of the action.

※ Improve cell energy and anti-fatigue

Cordyceps sinensis can increase the energy of the mitochondria of the human energy factory and improve the cold resistance of the body
Strength and reduce fatigue.

※ Regulate liver function

Cordyceps sinensis can reduce the damage to the liver caused by toxic substances and fight against liver fibrosis.
In addition, by regulating immune function and enhancing antiviral capacity, it can play a role in viral hepatitis
Beneficial effect, has the effect of gradually reducing transaminase.

※ Anti-oxidation, anti-free radical, anti-aging

Observed by radioisotope method, it was found that the monoamine oxidase type 8 in brain tissue followed
Changes in age can cause disturbances in catecholamine content in the brain and promote loss of physiological activity
Tone, leading to the occurrence of aging. Cordyceps sinensis mycelium oxidizes monoamine in mouse brain
Enzyme type 8 activity has a significant inhibitory effect. Therefore, Cordyceps sinensis
The health function of Nian Yi Shou.

※ Regulate the function of the respiratory system

Cordyceps sinensis has the effects of expanding the bronchi, asthma, expectorant, and preventing emphysema.